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Lichtspiele - Jeu d'interaction entre la lumière et l'espace

Project type

Large Ensemble


February, 2024


Frankfurt, Germany

Immerse yourself in the collaborative creation where music intertwines with light in 'Lichtspiele', a captivating transcription that embodies the essence of 'string figures', the focal point of 'Cresc... Fadenspiel 2024'.

At the heart of this piece lies the concept of 'interaction'—a dynamic interplay between light and space, electronic and acoustic instruments, harmonious pitch materials, and the raw textures of distorted, compressed sound. The overarching aim? To seamlessly fuse these contrasting elements into a cohesive and immersive experience.

Visual elements take center stage as light beams morph and evolve, depicting the very essence of the music and dynamically visualizing the dramatic moments intended by the artist.

Collaborating with a light artist, we crafted various figures and events for the visual aspects, enhancing the auditory experience for listeners.

The composition unfolds across three distinct acts:


Genesis of Light: From points to lines and planes, the emergence of foundational elements sets the stage.
(1) The Points
(2) The Lines
(3) The Planes
Formation of Figures: Witness the birth and evolution of intricate shapes and patterns.
Interaction with Space (Jeu de Lumière): The culmination of the piece, where figures come alive in a mesmerizing dance of light and space.
Drawing parallels to the creative social processes found in children's games of string figures—where patterns are exchanged, transformed, and evolved—echoes the words of Donna Haraway, the American philosopher and historian of natural sciences. "By giving and receiving patterns and transforming figures through metamorphosis, superimposition, or even development into something consequential and beautiful."

As the first part generates the elements of the figures, the second part introduces and exposes these figures. Finally, in the third part, the figures undergo profound transformations as they interact dynamically with one another, culminating in a mesmerizing crescendo.

Premiered by Ensemble Modern

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